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To blog, or not to blog: that is the [complex] question.

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Why do people blog?

For some, blogging is a simple way to express  ideas and thoughts that they hold within their mind–some people simply have to share this with the world. For others, blogging is just another way to pass the time, because they have nothing better to do, and so why not keep up a daily online journal? For a few, however, a blog is something to simply fulfill a need for a college course.

For me, blogging is all the above–I have so much to say and, frankly, I don’t know how to express any of it.

So what is a blog? What is blogging? A blog is simply an abbreviation for “web log.” A blog is an online journal that is updated on a regular basis by an individual (and sometimes, by a company or organization). Blogging is the act of maintaining a blog. The topics of blogs will vary greatly: some people create blogs and closely look at a certain political party; others design a blog and look into the popular culture realm of society.

For my particular blog, I’ll be maintaining it throughout the next few months and talking about various aspects of social media. I’ll look closely at how social media has evolved and changed over the past few years; I’ll examine how “social media” affects us in our everyday lives; in an upcoming post, I’ll even delve into the idea of social networking, and how that has grown in great popularity recently.

Other aspects that I will have the pleasure of looking into will be the pro’s and con’s of social media–how has social media affected the professional world in today’s society? Is social media able to be integrated into professionalism, or is there a distinct line that should be drawn between the two entities?

Needless to say, social media is slowly taking over our world. It is becoming our lives.

It’s important to note as well, that while I will try to stay as objective as possible throughout the next few months, many of my future postings will have my opinion integrated throughout.
While I’ve never really created “blogs” in the past, I have a few “role models,” to help me along the way:

1) Out of the Silicon Valley, Brian Solis works a Public Relations agency from which he has created a quite insightful (and humorous) blog about the union of “social media, PR, web marketing, and technology.”

2) Secondly, Dr. Susan Currie Sivek, assistant professor of Mass Communication and Journalism at California State University, Fresno, has created my “inspiration” for beginning blogging, in her own blog which covers aspects of social media and journalism in our lives.

Thank you all once more for stopping by! If you’d care for an audio intro to my blog, please click here.

Once again, thank you for your time! Here’s to the months ahead as we venture down the yellow bricks on the road of social media!


About Carlos Perez

A public relations professional, I graduated from California State University Fresno in spring 2011. I understand the importance of integrity, loyalty and respect. I understand the idea that, in a public relations perspective, "Perception is Reality." While I am still young in the profession, I am fearless of the many possibilities that lie ahead in the industry, and in life.


One thought on “To blog, or not to blog: that is the [complex] question.

  1. Thank you for reading my blog, Carlos. I replied to your comment on my own blog and I am now returning the favor to yours!

    I think your blog should be really interesting because, like you, I am intrigued by social media and I like to keep up with Dr. Sivek’s posts as well! I can’t wait to see what you will uncover about social media! Keep up the good work.

    P.S. I love your vocabulary!

    Posted by garciaalejandra | February 17, 2010, 9:01 pm

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