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Wherefore Art Thou, Wi-Fi?

Recall, if you will, the balcony scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: Juliet cries out “wherefore art thou Romeo,” asking why must he be who he is? Why must he be a Montague and therefore not be allowed with her? 

The two loved one another. They felt they needed each other to survive. 

We strangely find ourselves in a position similar to this, today. With rapidly evolving technology and the quick growth of social media in our lives, there’s just one thing that we need to make all of this run smoothly: a wireless Internet connect (or, Wi-Fi). 

What is Wi-Fi and how do I get it? 

Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, is a local area network that allows users to connect to it wirelessly, via network cards in their computers (or now iPhones, etc). 

It’s simple to retrieve a signal, as many local business and areas offer both a wireless feed and a nice place to relax and use it. 

With the demand for wireless Internet growing, many businesses are beginning to offer more Wi-Fi, such as Teazer World Tea Market in Fresno. Photo by Giri Pranata


It sounds redundant to say, but: no online social networking site can be accessed without a live Internet connection. This leads to the next question of: well then, where do I go to get an Internet feed? 

Some phone service providers offer you a monthly subscription to have Internet access. Verizon, for example, offers an Internet plan wherein its users can access “faster Internet” at a low cost. AT&T’s Web site says its users are offered free Wi-Fi with either a “qualifying data plan [or] an active account in good standing.” 

How do you choose? Where do you go? 

You have to find yourself a “hotspot,” where you are able to connect to the Internet. 

I myself had the pleasure of visiting a few different locations around the Fresno-Clovis area to check out the different Wi-Fi opportunities and compare their speed and overall simplicity to use. 

Starbucks Coffee Company 


Starbucks offers customers limited Wi-Fi access. Photo by me.


The most popular coffee company in the nation, Starbucks offers customers wireless Internet access under one condition: you have an active AT&T account. 

For research purposes, I visited both the Starbucks in downtown Fresno and the newer location at the north end of River Park. I would not have been able to access the Internet connect at either coffee shop had I not had an AT&T e-mail account. 

The ambiance here is nice and can grow a little loud, depending on the time you decide to visit. Most Starbucks locations are quiet, only with the sounds of the barista working and talking amongst customers in the background. 

Overall, it’s a nice place to relax and socialize (either online or in person), it’s just being able to actually log on the Internet that can pose a challenge. 

Teazer World Tea Market 

An outside view of Teazer in Fresno's downtown area. Photo by me.


With a new location having opened in Fresno’s downtown area, Teazer World Tea Market (or, “Teazer”) offers its customers free access to their own Wi-Fi network. The ambiance of the privately owned, quaint teashop offers customers a nice place to either study or catch up with friends. 

The service is outstanding at Teazer. With efficient and friendly customer service, you’ll receive your drink before you can even start your computer. The connection speed at Teazer is quick as well. In the time I spent down there, on the Internet, only once did my computer ever hesitate to load. 

If you’re searching for a quiet place to study with fast service and connection, try stopping at downtown Fresno’s own Teazer. 


The Revue Café 

Located in Fresno’s Tower District, The Revue Café (or just, Revue) can be seen as the antithesis to Teazer, which is located directly across the street. A quaint café located in the heart of Fresno, Revue can pose as a bit of a distraction if you want to sit and study or simply browse the Internet. 

When I visited Revue, I wasn’t greeted until I remained standing at the counter for a few minutes. (Forgive me, however, as this is to be a commentary on the Wi-Fi access rather than the location itself). 

The connection speed at the Revue was decent and very simple to access. If you’re looking for a nice place to connect online and browse through Facebook, then the Revue is probably one of your better options. 

Other Fresno Hotspots 

Offering customers healthy meal options and Wi-Fi, Panera Bread has two locations in Fresno and Clovis. Photo by openwifispots.com


There are countless other locations around Fresno and Clovis that offer customers Wi-Fi. From Panera Bread to Mc Donald’s, there’s no stopping a wireless Internet feed. For some, it’s simpler to purchase an Internet package and pay a monthly fee, while others prefer it to be free. 

Whatever your preference may be, there’s no doubting that Wi-Fi is needed for survival in such a technologically advanced society. 

When we have papers we need to upload to the Internet for school or when we simply want to connect with someone on Facebook, we find ourselves crying out “O Wi-Fi, O Wi-Fi, wherefore art thou, Wi-Fi?”


About Carlos Perez

A public relations professional, I graduated from California State University Fresno in spring 2011. I understand the importance of integrity, loyalty and respect. I understand the idea that, in a public relations perspective, "Perception is Reality." While I am still young in the profession, I am fearless of the many possibilities that lie ahead in the industry, and in life.


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