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Looking Back, Moving Forward

This course has taught me a lot about both media writing and utilizing multimedia to enhance such writing.

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Before registering for this course, Mass Communication and Journalism 10 (MCJ 10), I was raised to write in a very eloquent and elaborate style as an English major. After changing majors, however, it grew apparent that changing my writing style was going to be a major challenge for me.

Throughout the course, my drafts were returned with many of the same comments and responses: “try and cut down the flowery language,” and “don’t be so academic.”

Ironically enough, my writing started off too ‘academic.’

It was hard to get to the point (as you might be able to tell in some of my blogs), but, regardless, I enjoy writing.

Below, I’ve attached an online portfolio of revised work that I’ve written throughout this semester. It’s been an interesting semester that has really picked at the social media side of my brain. I don’t regret it, however.

In the attached portfolio, you’ll find my revised work of the following types of writing, in this order:

  • Resume
  • Inverted Pyramid News Story
  • Mapped Format News Story
  • Magazine Article Query Letter
  • Profile Magazine Article
  • Participatory Journalism Magazine Article
  • PR Press Release for ACEL Fresno
  • PR Backgrounder for ACEL Fresno
  • PR Video and Audio PSA Scripts
  • Self-Analysis Paper

Again, this class a been a bridge that I have just finished crossing. I am now faced with the long road ahead, hoping that I won’t be as “academic” on the journey.


About Carlos Perez

A public relations professional, I graduated from California State University Fresno in spring 2011. I understand the importance of integrity, loyalty and respect. I understand the idea that, in a public relations perspective, "Perception is Reality." While I am still young in the profession, I am fearless of the many possibilities that lie ahead in the industry, and in life.


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