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The Digital Transformation–How to Develop a Social Media Press Release



The way we operate is evolving. Photo by Flickr user Naixn


I’ve heard it argued that the Internet and technology is going to “kill” mainstream media. We live in a world where people don’t “talk” with one another, they “tweet.” Our society has accepted “Facebook messages” as a means of “contacting.” Technology, however, doesn’t “kill” the media–it evolves the media and the processes that go along with it.

The Internet has changed the rules of public relations. What was once traditional media contact, is now virtual. While some traditional methods still exist, there are more ways to communicate with the public through the use of technology and social media.

Press releases, for example, are now being delivered via social media and no longer offered solely by mail. How do we develop a proper social media press release? Let’s first look at why some of the old rules of press releases fail in social media:

1) The online world is full of millions of people. The traditional press release focuses solely on the company that is issuing the release. The appeal is narrow–only for the business.

2) The news releases issued are full of jargon that only professionals might understand. Your online audience isn’t going to always understand the terms you throw out in the middle of the release.


How do we develop a successful social media press release? Simple.

1) Consider your audience. You’re now delivering a message to millions of people–write the release in a way they will understand. You want to appeal directly to your audience.

2) Provide useful links. Using links in your press release will do a lot of good for both you and your audience. Firstly, place links in releases to allow readers to potentially land on other pages you’re delivering (e.g. your own personal blog). You have a greater chance of strength your search engine optimization by including more useful links in your release.

3) Choose your words wisely. Don’t use fancy language. Our society is busy and doesn’t have the time to read extra words. Keep your release clear and concise.

4) Make your release social. Embrace the social side of social media and promote conversations within your release. Include a link (See Tip #2) that leads readers directly to a forum that allows comments and feedback. Involving your readers can do wonders for your client or your business. This promotes a positive perception about who you are when you involve yourself with your audience.

Social media press releases are intimidating for some, but are a fundamental change that many businesses need to make if they wish to continue to compete in this field. By developing a strong online press release, you will realize how important these tools are to reaching your audience.